3 Simple Ways to Remove Bubble Gum from Your Carpet

Most people love bubble gums because of different reasons; it could be that they love the flavor, they love chewing it, a way to ease anxiety, or even as a substitute to smoking. Many people, however, it may be a member of your household or some of your guests, are not disciplined enough to throw the bubble gum in a proper place afterward (intentionally or unintentionally).

Some of these bubble gums stick to places where they shouldn’t be, like our carpets. Bubble gum sticking on our carpets is one of the most annoying and tricky cleaning issues you will face. You need not worry though because I will share with you three simple ways to remove bubble gum from your carpet.

1. Use Ice

One of the simplest ways to deal with this problem is to use ice; this method is best used when the gum is still very fresh. Put the ice cubes in a sealable bag, make sure that the exterior of the bag has only minimal moisture to avoid making your carpet wet.

Place the bag on top of the gum for a minute, touch the game if it became hard. If the gum is hard enough, get your thinnest spatula and use it to scrape the gum off the carpet. If there are residues and stubborn pieces left, place the ice directly on it and also use a cleaning solution to remove stains. Lastly, get a dry cleaning towel and place it on the spot to absorb the moisture.

2. Use Oil

While making the gum harder by using ice, you can also remove it by getting it softer by using oil. Be careful on not spilling the oil on the carpet; better use a towel to soak up a considerable amount of oil so you can control it better. Rub the wet towel into the gum slowly until the gum is considerably soft.

When the gum gets soft enough, get a butter knife and slowly scrape off the gum. Make sure that you will only have one direction in scraping because scraping it back and forth might damage the carpet fibers. You can also make a wiping motion and then slowly lift up the gum piece by piece. To finish up, get an oil fighting detergent to remove the oil on your carpet.

3. Use Other forms of Solvent

There are many cleaning solvents out there that can dissolve or soften the properties of the gum. To avoid putting too many solvents, use the same method of using and soaking it in a dry towel. Dab the towel gently into the gum and let the gum absorb the solvent for around six to ten minutes.

When the gum gets dissolved or gets softer, also use butter and remove it slowly. After removing the gum, it is also important to remove the solvent because it can cause fading. Use some amounts of lukewarm water and combine it with a detergent to remove the remaining solvent.

If you have tried these three simple ways, and the gum is still there, you better call professional carpet cleaning smithtown ny, to remove it completely and safely.


Benefits of Hiring an Airport Taxi Service Provider When Travelin

Going on a trip can cause you a lot of stress if you are not traveling to a place where you can simply rent a car and roam around on your own. As a matter of fact, you still need to find a way in order to get yourself from the airport going to the car rental establishment even if you have decided to rent a car. Taking a vacation gives so much stress that is the reason why there are some companies that focus on giving top quality transportation services. Their main objective is to make their customers calm and relax during their business travels or vacations.  
Taxi Service

Getting to Where You Have to Go with Lesser Stress as Well as Budget 

Everybody knows that renting the usual taxi can sometimes be very costly. Most taxi services are charging their customers basing on your current place to the drop off destination per mile. While other professional and highly reliable taxi services will just charge you for distance you are going and their prices are easy to afford and very reasonable. In addition to that, the pricing of some professional taxi service companies is not as expensive as the regular taxi services, and hiring them is actually more convenient and less stress. 

By hiring an airport taxi service provider, you can travel to your desired spot much more straight forward as well as far less stressful. Furthermore, having to look for a taxi service right after you have arrived can be a daunting job. Having to hire a professional airport service provider, you can definitely get rid of the disappointments and have the airport taxi service awaiting you right after to disembark. This completely gets rid having to flag down the taxi and actually having to deal with the hassle competition of the other customers who are, as well, trying to have a ride to the destination they have to go. 

 The Convenience and Advantages of Having a Transport Service Reservation 

One thing which you may find comforting and stress-free about airport transportation service companies is that you may and must make a reservation for the service earlier. In case you may not remember, it’s also possible to set an appointment right after you have disembarked from the plane and contact them in immediately. Nonetheless, if you set a schedule for your reservation prior to your arrival, you will basically be rest assured that someone is going to pick you up at the right time. Surely, Durham Taxis can be very useful when you are in a hurry.  

If you need to be on your destination within a short period of time, having to make a reservation beforehand just makes sure that this occurs as it’s supposed to. Also, this makes getting to the car rental service company very simple. If you are renting a vehicle in the place which you are going, airport transportation service providers can take you to the company. Usually, car rental companies are situated not too far from the airport since travelers are their main customers.  




5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery 

There are people in the world whose hair is easily damaged, and most of them lost their hair at age 40-50. We all know that our hair is our crowning glory. Sporting hairstyles and hair color is part of our fashion statement, and thus boosts confidence. People use shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatments to keep their hair healthy and growing.  

However, not everyone is blessed with a healthy hair. That’s where professional hair restoration in Virginia comes in. hair restoration and hair transplant is now becoming popular for those who want their hair restored.  

Hair transplant or restoration is a procedure that implants air follicles to a patient’s scalp, especially in the area where hair loss is experienced. The process involves extracting hair follicles and transplanting it to new hair will grow from the said location. The procedure is becoming popular because of its success. The healing time is quick and its result is natural that those who experienced it said they don’t have to worry about their hair anymore.  

The procedure comes with pros and cons, risks and benefits but the desire to have a new hair doesn’t stop people to do it. The following are the benefits of a hair restoration/transplant surgery.  

Better Looks 

The people who experience hair loss associate themselves as an ugly person whenever they see their reflection on the mirror. They hate the way they look because of their thin hair. This self-hatred goes away when they replace their hairless area with new growing hair. The procedure makes these people look young and attractive.  

A Permanent Solution 

Unlike other hair treatments that others claim as effective in growing the hair back, the result of a hair restoration and transplant is permanent. Once the procedure is done you don’t have to worry about the hair problem for the rest of your life.  

Cost Savings 

Many people don’t like the idea of this procedure, because they claim it’s too costly. But these people don’t know that the remedies they buy from the drugstore are more costly than having a one time procedure. The remedies are bought multiple times for many years but if you think about it, it’s more costly than the one time hair restoration procedure.  

To check your expenses, add the cost you spent on remedies for the past years. Compare it to the price of the surgery. You might surprise yourself that you spent more on the treatments than on the actual one time payment for the procedure.  

Improves Self-Esteem 

Having severe hair loss leads to low esteem. The hair is an attractive part of our body, and if it’s not there people think they are not living up to the societal norm. With the restoration procedure, the hair is grown again that leads to improved self-esteem. An improved confidence that result from a hair surgery will make the person have a better outlook in life.  

A Natural Appearance 

Before, hair transplants are not popular because the result is comical or too obvious. But because of technology, the result is natural that people cannot even tell that it’s done.  


Taxi Safety Tips for Travelers Who Ride Taxi Cabs

Anytime you ride a taxi cab, or any vehicle that’s driven by somebody else, chances are you surrender the control to another individual. Usually, that person is totally a stranger to you, which is why it is very important that you carefully think about your own safety while you are travelling in an El Cajon taxi cab. 

Taxi Cabs 

However, a lot of taxi drivers are also great sources of information regarding with local customs, best entertainment and restaurants in the area, current events and many more. Also, taxi drivers are usually experts on unsafe and safe neighborhoods as well as what certain threats might lurk at your destination or hotel. 

In addition to that, a lot of taxi cab drivers are also really great to converse with as well as talking to them is a really great opportunity where you can be able to practice your own language skills. But still, you really have to be very cautious when it comes to over sharing your personal information since they might pass your personal information to other people who doesn’t have your interest at heart. 

Below, you will learn some of the most important safety tips for travelers when riding a taxi cab. 

Ask Ahead or Research for the Usual Price as well as Tipping Range

Your host, hotel staff, or tour guide can surely be able to tell you the usual taxi price range to your desired location as well as the right amount of tip that you should give to the driver. As a matter of fact, having a good tip of what you must pay to the driver of the taxi cab as well as confirming the taxi’s price with your driver prior to entering the cab can certainly mean much less hassle when it is the right time that you will have to pay the bill. 

In addition to that, a lot of dispatches can also be able to tell you the usual price, so feel free to get a quote of the fare ahead of time whenever you can in order to avoid stress and hassle later on.  

Try Calling a Reputable Taxi CompanyInsteadof Hailing One 

What most people don’t know about is that some independent cab drivers actually work in partnership with kidnappers and thieves. Having said that, the typical scam tends to go like this – the cab driver will spot something that is valuable on you such as your mobile device, camera or jewelry and then they will text their partner thief with your route. And, since the thief already knows the route and the taxi, they will only wait at a near stoplight in order to open the door as well as snatch what is yours. 

So, it’s imperative that you ask for the number of the cab when you’re speaking with a dispatcher so that you’ll be sure that you are getting in the correct cab. You should also make sure that the number of the taxi as well as phone number and name of the company is totally visible inside the cab prior to getting inside.  



4 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home 

Home improvement project is not as easy as you think it is. It’s not just about moving furniture, painting a wall with new paint, extending a house and that’s it. There are a lot to consider aside from those things. Upgrading your home could be a good idea, but it needs proper planning execution so you don’t end up messing up your home. If your plan is to do-it-yourself the upgrade or hire a Boston general contractor to help you with the upgrade, the following things should be considered.  


Determine Your Goals and Aspirations 

Before doing an upgrade, finalize first what you would like to be done. Do you want to upgrade your kitchen, extend your living room, add another room, add a patio, build a terrace or improve or bathroom? Or are you upgrading the whole house into a new scheme and design? Whatever you want to do, it’s important to be certain of what you would like to do before you do it.  

Most of the homeowners find themselves confused on the process of upgrading one part of their home and wants one additional room to be upgraded. You should realize that upgrading is a very tedious process and you have to be sure first of what you want to you’ll get what you expected.  

Planning for the Space 

Whether you bought a new house of upgrading your current one, you have to take of its features that make it distinguishable. For example if you’re upgrading your living room, take a look and see what makes the current space distinguished. Does it have a beautiful lighting? Is it in a good location already? Part of the space-planning process is determining the best feature of the space so you can use in on the improvement.  


To make the project happen, you have to make a budget for it. After you determined what you would like to be done, you can set a budget on your mind and then consult professionals to advice you about it. Homeowners who have a tight budget will most likely do the project on their own (but professional consultation is still needed too). But if you have a high budget for everything and can afford a consultant, you should communicate with them from time to time to the project would be completed on the budget and timeline agreed upon.  

It’s important that you determine what you want and what you need before the project starts so you can’t make changed in the middle of the project. This will cost you more before the project’s timeline will go back to the beginning. It’s also important that when you set a budget for everything, the items on your list should be realistic.  

Choosing Finishes and Furniture 

After the renovation, you will then have to choose the finishing flourishes. You can either choose wood flooring or tiles finishes. After that, you will need to replace your old furniture with new homes, or keep the others.