Tips for Proper Home Maintenance from a Professional Foundation Engineer

Inspect your home’s foundation every now and then in order to keep it strong. As most homeowners know, home maintenance may be a costly and frustrating aspect of ownership. From small foundation cracks to unexpected water leaks, it is very important for us homeowners to be prepared and vigilant for any problems which may affect their home’s foundation and property.

Early detection along with the ongoing maintenance of your foundation may save homeowners money and time, thus decrease the possibility of a long-term problem.

1. Pay Close Attention to Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can be a cause of a long-term problem to your foundation regardless of the size of the crack. Minor cracks are not classified by size but on the severity of the foundation cracks. The following are some details you have to consider when you notice a crack:

  • The date you first noticed the crack and the changes of it as time progresses.
  • Possible water leaks in your home.
  • Rain exposure
  • Temperature

It is very essential to monitor these cracks as well as notice if there are changes in the length and width of the cracks. If these foundation cracks increase in width or length, it is best for you to consult a professional foundation repair Irving TX service provider.

2. Maintain the Soil Moist at All Times

The soil movement puts stress on your home’s foundation. In order to prevent soil contraction and expansion phenomenon, it is very important to use a soaker hose system. In addition to that, the soaker hose will aid prevent the soil’s top layer from a quick dry out that will also prevent an extensive evaporation during the dry months. During the wet months, on the other hand, it will also avoid the swelling of the soil. As a matter of fact, utilizing this soaker hose system may help maintain the moisture at a constant level and prevent large-scale evaporation.

3. Be Aware of the Placement of the Trees

The placement of the tree is very crucial because the trees can be costly as well as harmful if they are too close to your foundation. Big trees can contain up to one hundred fifty gallons of water every day. If the trees are close to your foundation with the limbs reaching over the roots, these may cause damage to your foundation because the thirsty roots of the trees make the soil in that portion shrink. In order to prevent shrinking of the soil and other negative impacts, the homeowners must consider a root barrier installation.

4. Be a Wise Landscaper

The homeowners must keep the elevation of the ground of any landscaped brushes and flowerbeds located near to your home at least 3 to 4 inches over the finished wall elevation. The landscaped portions must be sloped away from your home’s foundation for appropriate drainage and also, to help prevent moisture interruption from penetrating through your foundation.

5. Maintain a Constant Temperature

Keeping a consistent temperature can prevent contraction and expansion of construction materials such as drywall, concrete, and wood.


Keeping Your Garden More Relaxing in These Ways

Who would not like to stay in the garden and inhale the nice and fresh air coming from the trees and smell the very good scent of the flowers there? It would definitely give you a positive vibe and excellent feeling to relax and get away those worries that you have in your mind because of the work and deadlines. It nice to see as well the different plants in your backyard because of the professional landscaping service Edmonton that you hired to do these things to the landscaping areas. That is the point on why they are so important to maintain and give a good importance to them in order for you not to worry about the overall features.  


In this way, you would not spoil your summer and at the same time, you could enjoy the view and also your family members could benefit from it as well. You don’t want to have a messy and dirty place and garden as you would not be able to receive a good relaxation day and enjoy the beautiful garden’s view. You could ask your family members to help you when it comes to improving the view and the things in your garden in order for it to be even better. It is a good family bonding for the family and to get to know more of them without leaving the house and spending some money to relax and spare it.  

You could have the amazing ideas by following our suggestions here and it could definitely give a different vibe and ambiance to your own garden and the place to relax 


Some birds would be very interested to see and go to your garden if you have a fountain where they could drink some water or stay themselves cool and better. It is also nice to see a fountain where the fish are swimming and the sound of the water can add a relaxing ambiance to the place and the garden.  


It would be more attractive if you have the different kinds of flowers growing in the garden as it would have a different way to look at the place there. Of course, if your family would love to have a vegetable garden, then that would be nice as they could pick some fresh food to eat for the meal time.  


Of course, it is nice if you have furniture there for the people and guest to sit down and even when you are planning to have the family meal outside. Others would enjoy having a picnic outside and the kids could run and play with their sisters and brothers or even the pets at home.  


Pay attention to having some time or a good schedule to clean and maintain the garden or the backyard like trimming the leaves and the lawn.